Today, a Ray of Sunshine Slapped Me Right In The Face!

April 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

So I’ve been trying for two weeks to think of something positive to write about. Up until today, I had nothing. Up until today, my little world that had always been so stable and sheltered had been completely flipped upside down. Up until today, I was wondering how I was going to feed my children and keep this not-so-glamorous home that we just purchased. Up until today, for the first time that I can ever remember, we had NO income. And had spent all our money making this tweeker palace livable…

See, three days after we moved into this humble abode, T lost his job. Because of a series of miscommunications and a new supervisor with some weird chip on his shoulder. And everything that we had worked for up until this point fell apart.

When we moved south, the plan was for T to get a job, and I would stay home with PT1 and PT2. I had worked and supported us for years, and I needed a break. It took 3 months, but he landed a decent job, with decent pay, in a fantastic environment that he actually liked. Working in a warehouse in Woodland, surrounded by people that he got along with, for what we thought was a really good company.

So tax time rolls around, we find this home, decide to purchase it, and he looks into transferring to the Vancouver location. I now realize this was one of the worst decisions we could have made. Once he got to the Vancouver warehouse, the environment was completely different, and things started going downhill. Not because of him, but because of his supervisor.

So, after a series of ridiculous events and double talk, we were without an income. Truth be told, I couldn’t find anything positive to write about because I didn’t have the TIME. I went into panic mode and spent 12-14 hours a day searching job ads and sending out resumes and applications. Literally HUNDREDS. And I got three calls back. THREE. First interview sounded promising, but fell through. Second interview went well, but they’re not deciding for another 6 weeks who to hire. But today, today was good.

Today I interviewed for Starbucks at the PDX airport. Those of you that have known me more than a couple years know that I worked for Starbucks previously, and it was probably my FAVORITE. JOB. EVER. I love the environment. I love making coffee. I LOVE working with the general public. So I interviewed and was offered the position on the spot. (Because I’m a badass. Oh, yeah. A badass.)

Sure I would have loved to stay home with my girls. It’s not the ideal situation we had envisioned. But you gotta do what you gotta do, especially when there are kiddos involved. And we still don’t have an income, at least for the next week or so. Takes at least that long to get my security clearance. But a little ray of sunshine reached out and slapped me today. I landed a job. Finally. Sure, it’s not going to put us in a mansion, but at least it’s something, and it’s something that I LIKE.

We’re not out of the woods yet. I still don’t know how we’re going to make bills for this month, or even how I’m going to come up with shoes or pants or a food handler’s card so that I can actually work this job. But I have hope for the first time in almost a month. My children aren’t going to starve. We’re not going to have to sell this home still wet from my blood, sweat, and tears.  I am not a complete failure. And that’s good enough for me.

So next time you’re at PDX, hit me up. I make a pretty kickass cup of coffee. And you’ll get a friendly smile, and some great conversation to boot! Who else is going to light up the drudgery of travel like my amazing smiling face?!? No one, that’s who! And a small word of advice to all you coffee lovers – TIP YOUR BARISTA!!! 🙂

(Additionally, tips can be sent through PayPal to You know. Because amazing barista bloggers who kick the world’s ass on a daily basis deserve tips too! 😉 )

PDX Starbucks, Concourse C

Barista Extraordinaire



§ One Response to Today, a Ray of Sunshine Slapped Me Right In The Face!

  • glenda hensley says:

    the sun is ready to shine on you all ,you are ready to be on top of the mountain again out of the valley only good things to come.Hoping trevor can find work at airport to work different shifts will save on babysitter thats why i worked nights years ago while kids were all little,then i stayed on nights when they were older (they need sitter worser then lol)

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