Awesome Things You Can Blow Your Paycheck On (If You Didn’t Blow It At The Bar Last Night) Part 2

April 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

It’s that time again, folks! Time for me to introduce you to some super awesome (or weird?!?) stuff you can buy RIGHT NOW online!! So, if you didn’t blow your wad at the bar last night, here we go!!!


Grow Your Own Coffee Kit

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm too damn lazy to want to do this myself. But if someone wants to grow coffee FOR me.......?!?

First up, CAFFEINE!!! (I’m sensing a trend here…) With all the talk of Fair Trade, not supporting terrorism, going green, and eating organic, why not just grow your OWN coffee?!? Think Geek has a Grow Your Own Coffee kit…and the best part? It costs just about as much as a 3lb can of coffee! Of course, if you’re going to grow your own coffee, then you have to roast your own beans…..


The Home Coffee Bean Roaster

OK, this process is getting waaaaaay too involved for me...

Which is OK! Because Hammacher Schlemmer offers The Home Coffee Bean Roaster! Only 20 minutes in your own kitchen to freshly roasted coffee beans! (Although I’m not sure I could get through the first 20 minutes of the day waiting for these things to roast….)


Caffeinated Cookies and Brownies

Like the greatest marriage ever. Baked goods and caffeine. These may be buried with me in my coffin.

If DIY is not so much your style, how about some sweets? Check out these Highly Caffeinated Brownies And Cookies at Think Geek! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a total cookie and brownie JUNKIE…add Caffeine to that?!? YES SIR!!!


Bacon Soap

For that "just rubbed bacon grease all over my sexy body" smell...

Since my bacon segment went over so well last week, I found a couple more things for you bacon fans out there…. To go with our caffeinated soap from last week, how about some Bacon Soap!! If you want that “just cooked bacon” smell to last all day, Think Geek has got this one for you! Now maybe we can get them to make caffeinated bacon soap?!? Hmmmm…..


Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon

I don't think I would be able to make this bacon last 10 years. It would be gone immediately, and I'd still be screwed for Doomsday...

And for you Doomsday Preppers out there – never fear!!! YOU WILL HAVE YOUR BACON!!! Introducing Think Geek’s Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon! With a 10-year shelf life, this bacon will get you through December 21st, the Zombie Apocalypse, or any other made up natural or unnatural disaster! You will be the envy of all your survivalist friends if you have this in your stockpile!!!


Twitch - The Roadkill Raccoon

Nothing says "cuddle me" like roadkill....

Thought I’d add in a couple things for the kiddos this week. I’m always looking for oddball stuff to get the girlies, so how about something like Twitch – The Roadkill Raccoon?  Roadkill Toys offers up this cute, cuddly, and squashed flat by a semi truck doing 80 on the interstate raccoon for your children’s enjoyment. Don’t like raccoons? That’s OK. They’ve got a plethora of just-as-flat animals to choose from. Good opportunity to talk about death with your kiddos. Or maybe teach them the names of all the internal organs….


I Am Why We Can't Have Nice Things Toddler T-Shirt

Yes, yes you are. But Mommy loves you anyway.

Another thing my children NEED is this I Am Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Toddler T-Shirt from Think Geek. Why? Because it’s ABSOLUTELY TRUE.


In my “For the Home” section this week, I found a couple of great pieces from h220430, a Japanese design firm that sells their pieces through the gallery. These pieces are both “ask for more information/price”, which means they are probably well out of my price range, but still pretty stinking cool. (If you want to view these items on their own web page, you’ll have to click the item link on the left. Their website is kinda wonky…)


Balloon Bench

I wonder if I sat on this and put my feet on the scale, if it would FINALLY tell the correct weight....

First up, who would not want to sit on this  Balloon Bench? This is quite possibly the coolest thing you could ever put your butt on. It hangs from the ceiling with the hardware hidden in the balloons! And you never have to worry about it floating away with you! (Though that might be a cool option…I can think of a few people I wouldn’t mind floating away…)


Silhouette Chair

Whoa.....even when I'm not sitting looks like I'm still sitting here....

And second, to go with our shadow chair from last week, an even COOLER  Silhouette Chair!!! Now you can trick your guests into thinking there’s a GHOST sitting in their seat!!! Bet I could scare off a couple of unwanted guests with that one!


Banquete Chair With Pandas - Limited Edition

$85,000 for pandas to poke me in the butt? Anyone who has children does NOT need one of these!!!

Also, if you’re looking for something completely unusual for your home decor, try out the limited edition Banquete Chair With Pandas from Moss!  The most expensive item in the mix this week, I’m still not sure how they came up with the price for this one. I could go to any local thrift store and purchase enough plushies to make this chair 100 times over for less than $20… And wouldn’t it be semi-uncomfortable having a panda nose poke you in the butt every time you sat down?!?


Now, since it’s (almost) officially SUMMERTIME, a few things to kick-start your summer fun!


Weed Whacking Golf Driver

With this tool, "I" might even be able to get into golf!!

Do you know someone who (or are YOU that person?) that LOVES golf, but HATES yardwork? Why not combine them and make yardwork FUN? Hammacher Schlemmer offers The Weed Whacking Golf Driver for just the occasion. I’m totally thinking this would be a FANTASTIC Father’s Day gift…even for the dads who don’t like to golf, but would still like to beat the hell out of the grass.


Juice To Alcohol Kit

Create your own drunk in just 48 hours!!

Are you sick of having to buy alcohol every single time you want to go hang out at the river with your buddies? Why not buy this DIY Juice To Alcohol Kit from Think Geek? Now, the people at the store will never say to themselves “Oh, brother. Here YOU come again! Dont’cha think you should slow it down?!?” Instead, they’ll think “Gosh, you must be really health conscious to drink that much juice!” Only 48 hours to your own yummy alcoholic beverage. Perfect.



Portable, stylish, high-class...probably waaaay out of my price range. And social class.

And while you’re at the river, wouldn’t your music sound SOOOOO cool coming out of a BoomCase? Practical AND stylish, these Boomcases from Mr. Simo will tell all your friends “I have more taste and more money than you do.” And who doesn’t want to tell their friends that?


Ten Person Water Totter

Too much fun to share with the kiddos. Plus, my kids can't swim yet.

And friends, I saved the best for last. No trip to the water in the summer could EVER be complete without the Ten Person Water Totter from Hammacher Schlememer!!!  With enough room for ten of your closest (drunkest?) friends, this teeter totter for adults might just be the perfect way to spend a hot summer afternoon. It might require blowing more than ONE paycheck, but in my opinion, it would be WELL worth it to see half of your drunk friends fall in the water! And who can put a price on drunk and disorderly conduct?!?


Well, that’s all I have for this sunny Saturday. Here’s hoping you still have some money left after payday yesterday, and that you use it to have a great weekend!






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