It’s ALL about ME!!

First and foremost, I’m a smartass. If that offends you, sorry, it’s MY blog! Also, I’m a spelling and grammar nazi. I don’t mind misspelled words, but if you start leaving comments like “OMG R U THURR?” I’ll delete them. Instantly. You are neither a thug nor a perpetual text message…and if you are, you definitely landed on the wrong page.

I’m a permanently exhausted mother of 2, a wife that deserves a gold medal in more than one Homemaking Olympics event, the best sister my little brother has ever had, and a pretty fantastic daughter to have around. And I am one Badass Barista. I could probably quote Meredith Brooks right here, but that would be a tad cliché for my taste.

If you think we sound alike, awesome!! Send me messages, like my blog, share it with your friends. (Just don’t get all stalker-ish or I’ll drop you like Donkey Kong. I swear.)


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